The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from Stoppel Hobby. Conditions apply in cases where no other written agreements between you as buyer and Stoppel Hobby.

Delivery of the goods
We must receive payment before we can send goods to you.

Postage and delivery
Stoppel Hobby operates with a postage deposit of respectively 90.00 DKK for Denmark and 300.00 DKK for the rest of the world. However, there is a fixed postage rate of 30.00 DKK for orders containing only decals, both inland and abroad, as they can be forwarded by standard envelope. The postage deposit is only a deposit and not a hidden fee - the difference between the final postage and the deposit will be refunded by Stoppel Hobby to your bank or Paypal account.

NOTICE: Stoppel Hobby is PayPal Verified, which means PayPal has received verification that Stoppel Hobby is an actual store with a fixed address and an official bank account, and therefore that you are covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection when paying via PayPal (read more here). In particular, this means that you are guaranteed to have the difference in your postage deposit returned to you, once your order has been shipped.

The reason for this model is that Stoppel Hobby is a small business and that the boxes for kits and other accessories come in too many sizes for us to accurately predict the final postage. By taking a postage deposit we ensure that you as a customer only pay the postage your package costs and no more.

Delivery and transport
Delivery of goods from Stoppel Hobby is considered completed when the product is shipped. Shipment of goods is done via PostDanmark.

Delivery time: 2-3 days (Denmark and Europe)

Risk to goods
The risk to goods purchased from Stoppel Hobby is transferred to you as the consumer at the time of delivery.

Any faults or shortcomings in goods supplied from Stoppel Hobbies, must be reported within a reasonable time after you have discovered the error. It is your duty to report and upon request show how the error manifests itself. If you discover an error, you must quickly contact Stoppel Hobby. You can generally only complain about defects that become apparent within a year after you received the goods in question. For products with limited shelf life, your time for reporting your complaint is limited only to the shelf life Stoppel Hobby has promised you.

Price and payment
In this store you can order your goods online and pay via:

Transaction fees only include the fee specific to the payment method chosen. All prices in Stoppel Hobby / are incl. Danish VAT.

Documentations and guidance
If product descriptions and manuals are included with the item in question, these will accompany the delivery from Stoppel Hobby. If you seek further information or advice from Stoppel Hobby, this is to be considered advisory in nature. Stoppel Hobby vouches for products meeting the requirements for CE-marking.

Stoppel Hobbies offers a 14 day returns right, valid from the day you received your goods. If you regret your purchase, Stoppel Hobby must be notified in writing within 14 days after the day you received your goods. You are obligated to return the item in the same condition and quantity as you received it in. You will uphold the costs associated with returning the goods.

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